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Internal Audit

Internal Audit Expertise.

If your workload is anything like our peers, there are likely numerous audits or internal assessments that various business units or stakeholders have requested, and while completion would provide management with valuable decision-guiding data, you just don’t have the capacity to complete them all in a timely manner.

Let us enable your team to stay on top of that pile of requests, by leveraging our experience to facilitate and drive initiatives on your behalf.

Internal Security Audit Services.

Custom Built for You.

  • Meetings / Calls
    Quarterly onsite meetings or conference calls to discuss industry updates, review internally developed IT audit programs, discuss developments in relevant standards/regulations, etc.
  • Pre-acquisition Assurance Work
    Develop a tailored audit program that addresses key risk and compliance objectives.
    Include external risk reporting to evaluate if an acquisition prospect has any significant risks before allowing them to connect to corporate.
  • Resource Augmentation
    Provide resource augmentation for strategic internal audits.
  • Audit Programs / Processes
    Develop and/or assist with development of audit programs / processes.
  • Assessments
    Provide external/independent, targeted assessments to provide deep-dive analytics on specific challenges.

Ready, Let's Talk

When you engage Delap Cyber, you open the door to a collaborative partnership where the focus is on helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your business. You share information, challenges, concerns, etc. and we provide you with situational analysis, independent assessments, and fact-based guidance tailored to your environment, and ongoing subject matter expertise empowering your business to reach the next level. Isn’t it great having someone to rely on?