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PIN Security

PIN Security

As technology becomes increasingly complex and a greater number of customers exchange funds electronically, protecting banks and banking customers has become a top priority. Since 2000, the Electronic Funds Transfer EFT Networks have mandated security compliance reviews to ensure member financial institutions maintain the highest level of network security. To help our clients meet these requirements, Delap works with banks, credit unions, and other ATM and point-of-sale (POS) providers to perform network security compliance PIN and key management reviews. In addition, Delap offers a series of security compliance classes to accountants throughout the United States. These classes include TR-39 Compliance classes, Asymmetric Key Distribution, and Network required continuing education class.


• Network security compliance reviews
• Visa PCI PIN security requirements reviews
• MasterCard PIN security compliance program reviews

Procedures Training and Development Consulting

Policies and procedures are required to support an organization’s compliance with TR-39 and PCI PIN security requirements. Every organization has the responsibility to document their entire key management policies and procedures and maintain records of all key management activities. It is also the responsibility of each organization to ensure the sufficiency of written and implemented policies and procedures when measured against the requirements for asymmetric and symmetric key management as outlined in TR-39 and PCI PIN guidelines.

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