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Information Security Compliance.

Providing information security and compliance services to the business community for over 25 years, our reach is both national and international. Our team works with a diverse population of clients from various industries. Our passion for excellence and driving client success positions our team to keep our clients informed and on top of industry changes.

Security vs. Compliance

Recognizing that security and compliance are not synonymous, compliance is often a side effect of good security controls. Using a risk-based gap analysis approach, Delap assists our clients globally as they walk through the often-muddy waters of compliance and regulatory requirements. Whether requirements come from national or international standards or other regulatory bodies, the focus remains on security.

Ready, Let's Talk

When you engage Delap Cyber, you open the door to a collaborative partnership where the focus is on helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your business. You share information, challenges, concerns, etc. and we provide you with situational analysis, independent assessments, and fact-based guidance tailored to your environment, and ongoing subject matter expertise empowering your business to reach the next level. Isn’t it great having someone to rely on?