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Professional Security Services.

Timely, expert, proactive.

Leveraging industry experts and independent counsel is nothing new. We seek to transcend the transactional relationships that have become the norm and graduate to collaborative partnerships with you that result in lasting change that compounds with time.

You have compliance obligations, we have the resources and expertise to help you ensure you are meeting them.

Our team is ready to help you work through that internal audit backlog, act as an extension of your team on projects requiring niche technical expertise, and assist with audit process development.

We designed this service specifically with small to medium sized businesses in mind. We provide you with world-class managed security at predictable prices. One package level: our best.

Don't have a formal risk management program? We can help you implement one. Have one? Our experts can review your existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our subject matter experts offer training on security related topics and requirements. In addition to open-registration classes with set curriculums, we offer private classes that can be performed at your location and tailored to your needs.

Ready, Let's Talk

When you engage Delap Cyber, you open the door to a collaborative partnership where the focus is on helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your business. You share information, challenges, concerns, etc. and we provide you with situational analysis, independent assessments, and fact-based guidance tailored to your environment, and ongoing subject matter expertise empowering your business to reach the next level. Isn’t it great having someone to rely on?