Cyber Security Starts Here

You know that cyber security and compliance is important. You know that for most companies, it is not a question of ‘if’ they will be hacked, but ‘when’. But you also have a business to run, people to lead, customers to please, and a legacy to protect. The modern security landscape can feel like the Wild West, but even more murky and complicated. Most businesses face the constant challenge of finding top security talent and then affording and maintaining it.

You need a strong advocate who will get to know your business and unique needs, while helping you ensure that your cyber security strategy is robust enough to keep threats at bay, but flexible enough to evolve with your business.

Delap provides your business with cyber security expertise, leadership, and strategic support at a predictable price. Let us support your cyber security needs, so you can focus on growth!

You Are Not Alone.

Our Cyber Security Team Stands by You.

With a rapidly changing cyber landscape, maintaining security measures in tandem with information growth is now more important than ever. At Delap Cyber, our industry specialists are uniquely equipped to empower you with the tools necessary to keep security and operational objectives aligned with business risk and ever increasing information security regulatory and compliance requirements.

Providing information security and compliance services to the business community for over 25 years, our reach is both national and international. Our team works with a diverse population of organizations across multiple industries. Our passion for excellence and driving client success positions our team at the front of the industry where we can keep our clients informed and on top of industry developments.

Real-Time Cyber Threat Monitoring.

We Monitor Real-Time Threats & Vulnerabilities.


Ready, Let's Talk.

When you engage Delap Cyber, you open the door to a collaborative partnership where the focus is on helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your business. You share information, challenges, concerns, etc. and we provide you with situational analysis, independent assessments, and fact-based guidance tailored to your environment, and ongoing subject matter expertise empowering your business to reach the next level, all delivered without trying to dazzle you with all the bits and bytes going on behind the curtain. Isn’t it great having someone you can rely on?